IL TEMPO - classic Italian cuisine - via New York

Il Tempo opened its doors in the early 90s inspired by the Italian restaurant Gino's on the Upper East Side. It wasn't long before the art deco wallpaper, designed in 1930 by Flora Scalamandré, was on the lips of Stockholmers everywhere, and since then Il Tempo has been the scene of thousands of Italian food adventures.

The menu is an interpretation of rustic Italian cuisine - via New York. We love Italian cooking, but you can't help it, the influences coming from Little Italy and the big city pulse add that little something extra.

Il Tempo's wine collection is impressive, the pasta is of course homemade and the aperitif is the perfect start to a long evening. On reflection, there's probably no other place you'd rather be a regular.

"A stage for thousands of Italian food adventures"

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Högbergsgatan 40
118 26 Stockholm
+46(0)8 684 23 830
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Summer opening hours
Every day 17.00-22.30

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